Sunday, November 15, 2009


"How much faster do you think you can really get?" echoed in my ears. I didn't really have an answer, but I had a feeling. Not the kind of feeling that I'd maxed out my ability and was on my way down (as suggested by the question). But, a warm, swelly feeling in my chest. "Just you wait and see..." I thought.

For those of you who followed my other blogs, particularly my work to qualify for Boston (where my singular goal was to run a 3:50 marathon yet having a current PR of 4:16 and change), you'll know how far I've come. And as I approach my 43rd birthday in January 2010, the question was probably a fair one. After all, it was only four years ago I couldn't break 30:00 in the 5K, and only a few years before that I had no hope of doing anything like running... ever.

I've just really figured out how to race in the past year. And I am just grasping what it takes to get faster. This blog is the "what comes next" after finally qualifying for Boston. 22:00 isn't going to be my PR for the 5K, nor is 3:38:22 going to be my PR for the marathon. I will write about my training / runs, my diet, my thoughts, my races, my set-backs, my victories.

I promise.. this is not the peak. I feel the potential burning through me. Now, it's time to bring it!