Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Night Flight Beckons

I'm doing it. I'm running in a local 5K this Friday Night... partly for fun, partly to get in a good threshold workout situated in the middle of some warm up and cool down miles. I'm pretty sure I'll run 3 miles a lot harder in a 5K race than I would during a workout. And, that's really the point for me right now.

So, in the midst of marathon training, with no speedwork whatsoever, I'm just.. going .. to do it. And I'm going to live with whatever time I run and realize--flat out--I'm not in 5K shape.

I'm hopeful the moon and stars will be out, the luminaries enchanting.. and good fun is had by all. Stay tuned ...


  1. And you'll have a blast and think it was a great and memorable race/run during the training cycle! Have a blast!

  2. Hey, Thanks, Morgan! I so enjoy reading your blog :). I'm looking forward to Friday night.. whatever it brings. I really appreciate the encouraging words and visit. --Alex

  3. Alex,

    Good luck with your 5K Friday night.

    You'll do great, and it will be a much better threshold workout as part of a race than a stand-alone workout.

    Look forward to the Race Report. This should give you a good benchmark on where you are fitness-wise.

  4. You'll run hard. You'll suffer. You'll not like your time. You'll be happy.

    Every once in a while, you have to pin a number on and get your heart racing.

  5. Phil, Yes, you are right.. i will definitely push a bit harder while chasing.. or being chased.. or both :) Which is my best reason for doing it. Thanks for the visit! --Alex