Friday, January 1, 2010

A Reflection on The Girl of Years' Past

Odd that New Year's would come for me with no resolutions. It's not that I am without goals, but those goals aren't resolutions, per se. One of the most common resolutions, of course, is to "lose weight" or "get fit." That's not where my head is for 2010.

This week, I was combing through old photos on an SD card for my daughter and came across some P90X "before" pictures that were three years old. Months before my first marathon. I hardly recognized myself as I peered closely, some twenty pounds heavier than I am today. And the weight was everywhere, not just my belly--I was just... bigger. My arms, my shoulders, my hips, my legs--even my face.

Fast forward to two years later--a little less than a year ago, I remember peering at myself in the mirror where that three-year-old visual was my exact self image. Still. In my mind, I was OK in clothes maybe, but soft and slightly heavier than I should be--the girl from the "before" pictures. Certainly not fast, and I didn't look like a runner. I then truly looked at the girl in the mirror before me, lean, fierce, runner-like, and I wondered who she was. I didn't recognize her and wondered from where she came...

Now, I am on the other side mentally. I have become accustomed to the "runner" me, and I don't recognize the girl of three years ago.

I am all about goals, but no resolutions for me this year.


  1. Your transformation in the couple of short years that I have know you has been nothing short of amazing. Your drive is an inspiration to many. Nice work Alex!

  2. Thanks, Rick! You have been an inspiration to look up to and a worthy running partner as well. Wishing you the best for 2010! --Alex